Knowing how much alcohol to buy for your wedding, along with choosing the right selections of wines to serve can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The helpful folks over at Firstleaf created a guide to help you pair the best vintage with your dinner, no matter what you may be serving. Their biggest piece of advice is finding something that wine novices and enthusiasts will both enjoy.

Things get trickier when it comes time to place your wine and alcohol order. Luckily, Firstleaf has also provided some simple formulas that take into account the number of guests, the length and setting of the wedding, as well as what other food and drinks will be available to help you make sure everyone can drink their fill. This helpful calculator will help you know how much alcohol to buy for your wedding! Check it out below!

How much alcohol do you need for a wedding?

What is Firstleaf?

Firstleaf is a team of wine professionals who are passionate about connecting you to great wine. Using industry-leading, patent-pending technology, Firstleaf is able to pair you with wines perfect for your palate after just a few short questions. As you rate the new wines you receive each month, we use that data to further refine your tasting profile and improve your Firstleaf experience. Each thumbs-up or thumbs-down is passed through 13 billion data points to give our experts the most refined picture of your taste. It’s our combination of next-generation tech and old-school know-how that makes Firstleaf special.

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