Whether you’re about to pop the question to your bridesmaids or you’re coming up on the big day it’s always nice to show appreciation for your best girlfriends! The options for bridesmaid gifts are endless and you might find yourself a little lost for where to start. To help, I’ve compiled a few suggestions on what to give as bridesmaid gifts. If your budget allows, I’d definitely recommend combining a couple of these options to give your bridesmaids a more personalized gift that’s both thoughtful and practical.

Of course, anytime that you can incorporate something personal or unique to your friendship, that’s always going to make it more meaningful so I definitely recommend thinking about that as well!

See my list of bridesmaid gift ideas below:

Personalized Drinkware

One of my favorite places to start for personalized gifts is Happily Ever Etched. They create a variety of custom gifts, signage and more for all sorts of occasions. Custom etched drinkware (mugs, swell bottles, wine glasses, scotch glasses, champagne flutes, etc) is one of my go-to gift options. If you go this route, I’d suggest pairing the glass with a mini of the person’s favorite tea, coffee, wine, or spirit to take it that extra mile.

A personalized jewelry box

Another great option that our friends over at Happily Ever Etched offer is a gorgeous glass customized jewelry box. This box can be used to hold any number of small items, but I would definitely check out the jewelry option below as a great pairing for this gift!


A great companion gift to the customized jewelry box would, of course, be a necklace or bracelet. This is great because it’s also something that could be worn as part of their attire for the wedding day itself. I found these beautiful necklaces on Etsy made by Mignon and Mignon that have raving customer reviews!

bridesmaid gifts necklace from Mignon and Mignon on Etsy

Self-Care in a box

Another of my absolute favorite gift shops is Little Flower Soap Co. This company makes high quality (and amazing-smelling) soaps, salts, lip balm and more. They offer gift box options where you can customize the scents based on each of your bridesmaid’s preferences. Shop Little Flower Soap Co’s gift boxes here.

Bridesmaid gifts Little Flower Soap Co

A Robe/Kimono

Adorable kimonos are always a classic for bridesmaid gifts! I love this idea because not only does it make your morning prep pictures better on your wedding day, but it’s also something practical that your bridesmaids can re-use for lounging at home long after your wedding has passed! I found these beautiful rose patterned, customized robes by Blush Blossom Sugar on Etsy. They have incredible reviews. Check out Blush Blossom Sugar’s shop here.

Professionally Curated Gift Box

If curating a gift box for each bridesmaid on your own is more work than you have time for, you can have a professional do the work for you. Box Bar Gifts creates amazing, curated gift boxes for all occasions that are beautifully packaged and ready to go so that you can give a beautiful and thoughtful gift while also saving some time! You can build your own customized boxes or you can order from one of their pre-made options. Find out more about Box Bar Gifts here.

Free Printable Bridesmaid Gift Tags

Want to spruce up your gift with a personalized gift tag? The wedding experts over at Zola have created a collection of adorable gift tags that you can customize and print at home. Stop by my post about bridesmaid gift tags for instructions and a link download this freebie!


I hope you enjoyed these tips for bridesmaid gift ideas! If you have other suggestions or have received a really cool bridesmaid gift from a bride friend please share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you and help to inspire our brides to be!

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