Southern California Based
Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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wife since 2006
Cat mom since 2008

business started 2010

Favorite things:

🍽 Bon appetit Magazine 🍽

🍷 tasting all the wines 🍷

🌮 trying all the taco joints 🌮

🐱 petting all the animals 🐶

📚 behavioral science books 📚

When I'm not photographing my clients...'ll find me in my kitchen cooking up the latest Bon Appetit recipes, a glass of pinot grigio in hand, while serenading my cat to some Oldies radio. After dinner my husband and I will be out on the patio, enjoying drinks by the fire while we entertain each other with sarcastic commentary and lively debates about our latest Netflix binge.

Anyone these days can snap a few photos right from their phone, but not many have mastered the technical aspects of photography required to create consistent, high-quality photographs that you can count on during life's big moments!

PPA's Certified professional photographer program ensures that you're hiring a vetted and trusted photographer who is committed to professionalism -both in their business and in the technical side of photography! As a PPA Certified Professional Photographer, I'm required to recertify every three years to ensure I'm keeping up to date with industry education and best practices!

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