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After my own wedding, I found myself wanting more from our wedding photographs. I wanted them to tell more of our story. So, I became curious about photography and eventually my passion turned into my profession. Rather than standard and formulaic, I wanted to give other couples an experience and images that felt truly personal, emotional, and reflective of them.

And that's exactly what I hope to do for you. By getting to know you from the beginning, connecting over calls and an engagement session if you're up for it, I’ll ensure you feel comfortable and natural. Because when you naturally enjoy and feel like yourselves, I can best deliver photographs that look and feel like you.

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When you see your photographs I want you to think "that's so us" and "wow, we look incredible." To give you that, I truly listen and care about everything you share with me like your vision for your photographs, how you want your gallery to feel, and what matters most.

At your engagement session or on your day, I'll give you fun prompts that help you get lost in the moment, and make you forget I'm even there, as I draw out your genuine personalities. So much so that when you look back, your photographs are guaranteed to reflect your real story.


She got us to smile and look good! I’m so unphotogenic but they looked candid and BEAUTIFUL.She has so many ways to make you feel comfortable and look your best. — Alyssa



I live for the moment and to give you your moments. Through the ups, downs, and middles of my life, photography has always been my passion and my rock. When I get to deliver images to my couples and hear how elated they are with their images and the memories, those are the moments I live for. And the memories I hope to give to you.

To do that, after seamlessly managing portraits and the milestone moments from your ceremony, I naturally blend into the scene. Like a fly on the wall I let you live in the moment, as I capture your genuine joy and those in-between moments you can't get any other way.


When it comes to a photographer, we all want the same thing: someone dependable, professional, with a good eye, easy to connect with, and makes you feel prioritized, valued, and well taken care of. Well, Belinda is all that and more! — Elena

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As a PPA Certified professional photographer serving Orange County, Los Angeles, and weddings throughout Southern California, I am committed to providing you with both an exceptional experience with organization and professionalism and photographs with consistency and quality. I re-certify every 3 years and consistently stay “in the know” with industry best practices. So no matter the scenario, you can expect photographs you’ll be excited to look back on and proud to share.

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She is personable and actually took the time to initiate a consultation call to capture my vision. The other photographers I contacted were just focused on the money aspect rather than actually communicating with me and figuring out if they can achieve what I want! — Sarah

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When my grandma passed away, we found images of her from the fifties in a red pin-up dress, posing in front of her car, and cozying up with my grandpa.

Moments like those would have become distant memories or forgotten altogether. And if not photographed would have otherwise been lost. Which is why photography is so important to me. Because I want to capture those memories for you, to always be remembered by you.

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