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Your day will be joy-filled - your photographs should be too. And thanks to my expereience they will be


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Laguna Beach engagement session with Orange County Engagement Photographer Belinda Philleo

Genuine Confidence In Front of the Camera

Look and feel like your best selves. That means, I won't force you into a pose, but rather allow your dynamic to naturally unfold with playful and natural posing prompts that will bring out the fun and romance as you're being photographed. Then I’ll pay attention to the best angles and light to make both of you shine.

Phenomenal Photographs In Any Conditions

Receive gorgeous photographs day or night, rain or shine. The most important element of a photograph is light. But life's big moments don't wait for the perfect lighting conditions! That’s why I come prepared with both the tools and skills to photograph in the varying range of lighting conditions that a wedding day includes.

Your Love Story Preserved in Vivid Color

Relive your day “as it was” with photographs that reflect it in real and vivid color. Color adds a bold and real feeling to photographs. Which is why I strike for true color and ensure the skies, skin tones, and colors in your photographs present your day truly as it was.

Your Best Moments Captured With Grace

Get lost in the moment. I’ll work closely with you and your wedding planner to make sure we get all of the images we need, without tightly packing your timeline. I'll also work with you to create an efficient family photo list that makes portraits quick and painless, so that you and your loved ones can get back to celebrating. The rest of the time, I step in to help keep things on track and know when to blend into the scene and capture you candidly.

Your Heirloom Memories Curated with Care

Proudly share memories with your future generations. Photographs are a bridge to connection. Connection with our most treasured moments and with the people we love most. Our heirloom albums and wall art will give you a permanent and tangible connection to all the precious moments from your wedding day. I'll personally select the best photographs before presenting to you. Then guide you through personalizing your design, so that you can start enjoying your photographs sooner, without feeling overwhelmed.

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We truly have beautiful photos that will help us reminisce about our day over and over again. — Wendy




Remember how you felt, for decades and beyond! I'll create vibrant photographs that document all the important and in-between moments of your once-in-a-lifetime day, so that you can relive the moments over and over again.

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I'll help you plan a session that captures your love and personalities.






She is worth every penny you spend on her! Your pictures are forever, and she is going to make sure that you love them forever! — Emisabel