I have some exciting news to share this week: TWO of my images placed in the top 10 for the Western District Wedding Category in PPA's District Photographic Competition!

I decided earlier this year that I would participate in the photographic competitions hosted by Professional Photographers of America (PPA). For years I have avoided competitions like this because I know how incredibly high the standards are and quite frankly, it made me afraid to try. I felt overwhelmed with where to start.

While attending Imaging USA (PPA's photography conference) this past January, I walked through the International Photographic Competition display and spoke to some of the talented folks whose images were featured and awarded. Those conversations really drove home the fact that competition helped them grow as photographers. The feedback and critiques they got were invaluable to them and helped them become better photographers, on top of the satisfaction that naturally comes from earning merits, accolades, or awards. It was this, the opportunity for such quality feedback and growth, that finally made me decide to get my feet wet and try it out!

PPA does two competitions, District and the IPC (International Photographic Competition). The Districts are first and you compete with others in your region. The results from this competition have been released and I was blown away to find that both of my images placed in the Top 10 for the Western District Wedding Category! You can see the entire list of 2022 District Competition Results here. Scroll down to Western District and then Wedding Category to find my name, or browse the other categories!

You can see a peek of the two images at the screenshot below...

Next up will be IPC! I'm so excited to find out the results of that come January 2023! For now, have a little glass of champagne tonight to celebrate with me! 🎉

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