2020 Shoutout Interview with Voyage LA

Three years ago I had the privilege of sharing my small business story with Voyage LA. During that interview, we discussed how I got started in photography and some of the challenges along the way. Despite feeling a bit awkward talking about myself in such detail, I was honored to be included in their series!

Imagine my surprise when their team reached out to me again this year for a second interview! This time we talked all about risk-taking in a creative business, sources of support and inspiration, and – my personal favorite- things to do and what to eat in SoCal! If you’re up for a quick read, you can find my Shoutout LA interview here.

I want to say a big “Thank you!” to Voyage LA/Shoutout LA again for the opportunity to share my story and my thoughts with your readers. It’s been an honor to be included in your small business series!