El Dorado Park Family Photos

Last month I had the wonderful privilege of photographing the Rivera family at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA. We had the best time laughing, and walking through the park as we created photographs for their home!

My favorite families to photograph are the ones that relax and have a good time while we’re together! I loved how we had time to laugh and joke around throughout the afternoon, we got some hilarious outtakes to go with our more formal images!

Check out a few of my favorite images from their El Dorado park family photos:


El Dorado Park Family Photos 2015-02-20_0024 2015-02-20_0025 2015-02-20_0026I always like to try to take a few individuals during family sessions so that there’s a variety of options or uses after the session is over. This next shot is one of my favorite shots from the entire session. Doesn’t she look just stunning? El Dorado Park Family Photos 2015-02-20_0028 2015-02-20_0029 2015-02-20_0030

Candid family moments are some of my personal favorites because it’s so much more realistic than a posed shot of everyone looking at the camera. I love setting up the shot, giving some brief directions and then taking a step back to capture the genuine laughter as the moment unfolds. El Dorado Park Family Photos El Dorado Park Family Photos

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