On Roy and Lorena’s first date, they met up in Huntington Beach for lunch and then went for walk in a quaint little park nearby. That’s where it all began. As they talked, laughed, and got to know one another sparks flew and they began to see that there could be something special between them. Over the course of the next several years they would discover how special those sparks between them truly are.

Then, in 2014 Roy asked Lorena to come along with him on a trip to visit his family in Taiwan. During a family hike, Roy anxiously rehearsed what he would say in his head. He knew she would say yes, but it didn’t make those moments leading up to the question any less nerve wracking.

Lorena, no doubt, noticed her boyfriend being a little jittery but a proposal was the furthest thing from her mind. Then, over looking the hillside, Roy decided the moment was right and he asked her to be his wife. Ecstatic, Lorena said, “yes.”

This coming May Lorena and Roy will say, “I do,” at sunset overlooking the shore in the Pacific Palisades. I can hardly wait to photograph that very special day.

2015-02-20_0001 2015-02-20_0002 2015-02-20_0003 2015-02-20_0004 2015-02-20_0005 2015-02-20_0006 2015-02-20_0007 Huntington Beach Engagement Session 2015-02-20_0009 2015-02-20_0010

Huntington Beach Engagement Session | Main Street Huntington Beach 2015-02-20_0012 Huntington Beach Engagement Session | Main Street Huntington Beach 2015-02-20_0014 2015-02-20_0015 2015-02-20_0016 2015-02-20_0017 Huntington Beach Engagement Session | Ruby's Diner 2015-02-20_0019 2015-02-20_0020 Huntington Beach Engagement Session | Huntington Beach Pier Huntington Beach Engagement Session | Main Street Huntington Beach
To see more from Roy and Lorena’s engagement session view the slideshow below:

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