When it comes to weddings, sometimes it can seem like the girls get all the attention. So today, I’m happy to share a few groomsmen gift ideas that the guys will actually love! Joe from www.groovyguygifts.com reached out to me recently and offered to send us a sample of one of their personalized “guy gifts” in exchange for an honest review. I don’t normally write posts like this, but I thought these offerings were definitely worth checking out.

They have quite a selection of items to pick from, so my husband Collyn chose the mini-tool from their store so we could test it out. Of the items in their online store, he was most excited about this one because of its versatility. Here’s the item description from Groovy Guy:

The Groovy Gadget is a versatile, multi-purpose tool. Pop a cap, uncork a bottle, slice whatever it is that might need slicing, and then flex proudly knowing all that action is happening with one item. This custom multi tool has a bottle opener, corkscrew and small knife. Laser engrave this bad boy with any assortment of names or nicknames that you’d like for a super cool gift.

– Knife (2″ long, 1-5/8″ blade)

– Corkscrew (2-1/2″ long)

– Bottle Opener on End of Tool (1×1-1/2″)

-Fold Out Bottle Opener (2″ long)

Stainless Steel Tools

Entire Tool is 3/8″ Thick

Complementary White Gift Box

groomsmen gift ideas

Our thoughts

The first thing that we noticed when we opened the box was how deep the etching is. We loved this feature because it means that it’ll last over time and not easily wear down. The edges of the etching were also cleanly cut so it doesn’t seem like it would fray or crack easily. Collyn personally likes the rustic wood finish, it’s not glossy, but instead “manly,” according to him. While you could manage to get this tool into a pocket, it’s a little big, so we’re thinking it’s more of a keep at home bar tool than something you’d carry around on a regular basis.

While the tools on this item are primarily meant for opening wine or beer, the knife is big enough that you could use it for something else. We consider this a plus since most wine opener knives tend to be small and curved, this knife is a straighter, more traditional blade with more versatility. The blade sharpness falls somewhere between butter knife and steak knife; sharp enough to get a basic job done, but I wouldn’t rely on it if zombies were attacking (this one might be better suited for fighting zombies). There’s also a nice bezel on the edge of the blade that makes it easy to pull out of it’s slot.

All and all, we’d give this gift 5 stars. It’s useful, practical, well made, and passes the bar for “manliness.” We think any guy would love this as a gift, especially with the personal engraving touch!

groomsmen gift ideas

If this tool isn’t your thing, or if you want to give a variety of gifts to your favorite guys, here’s a few other ideas that you might like:

Bottle Bullet Opener

Torch Lighter

Tie Clip

Cigar Cutter

Billfold in a Box

Flask in a Box

Shot Glasses in a Box

Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of this gift idea! Is it something you’d consider for your groomsmen? Or, If you’re already married, let us know what you gave as gifts to help inspire our other readers!

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