A few months back I photographed Mario and Selene’s wedding. This sweet couple chose too keep things traditional and elegant with a church wedding in Diamond Bar, CA followed by a romantic outdoor reception at the historic Kellogg House in Pomona, CA.  They chose a soft pink and white color scheme for their florals, decor and bridesmaid gowns.

Here’s a collection of my favorite images from the day:

Kellogg House Wedding, Pamona, CA 2016-06-29_0002 2016-06-29_0004 2016-06-29_0005 2016-06-29_0006 2016-06-29_0007 2016-06-29_0008 2016-06-29_0009 2016-06-29_0010 soft pink bridesmaid dresses 2016-06-29_0012 bride admires her pink and white bouquet pink and white flowers surround a birdcage centerpiece at Kellogg House wedding reception, Cal Poly, CA DIY S'mores wedding reception favors Kellogg House Wedding reception at Cal Poly, Pamona, CA 2016-06-29_0020 Kellogg House Wedding, Cal Poly, Pamona, CA 2016-06-29_0022 2016-06-29_0023 2016-06-29_0024 2016-06-29_0025 2016-06-29_0026 2016-06-29_0027 Kellogg House Wedding, Pamona, CA 2016-06-29_0029 2016-06-29_0030 2016-06-29_0031 2016-06-29_0032 2016-06-29_0033 2016-06-29_0034 2016-06-29_0035 2016-06-29_0036 2016-06-29_0037 2016-06-29_0038 bride and groom enjoy their first dance at Kellogg House Wedding, Pamona, CA

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