When most people think of weddings they picture giant ballrooms filled with hundreds of guests, elaborate lighting, waiters, etc. And while I adore those kind of weddings, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the more intimate settings during 2015. Twice this year I’ve had the privilege of photographing weddings that had less than 100 guests and were hosted in small, but beautiful, backyards of private residences. While the big parties are always fun, the thing I’ve grown to love about the smaller weddings is the intimacy, the cozy feeling and the fact that the couple is surrounded by the people who are closest to them. It’s great for the guests too because everyone gets a chance to chat with the couple and personally celebrate with them!

The most recent instance was Aaron and Veronica’s intimate backyard wedding in Buena Park, CA. Here’s a few of my favorite highlights from the day:


Bride's dress and jewelry | Anaheim Marriott Hotel

2015-11-19_0025 2015-11-19_0026 Groom's accessories | Anaheim Marriott Hotel Bride gets her makeup done at the Anaheim Marriott HotelBride gets ready for her wedding at the Anaheim Marriott HotelBride gets ready for her wedding at Anaheim Mariott2015-10-05_00092015-11-19_0020 2015-11-19_0021 2015-11-19_0022 2015-11-19_0023 2015-11-19_0027 2015-11-19_0028 2015-11-19_0029 2015-11-19_00332015-10-05_00052015-10-05_00072015-11-19_0030 2015-11-19_0031 2015-11-19_0032
2015-10-05_0006Anaheim Marriott Wedding Photos Boutonniere's by Indigo and Plum 2015-10-05_0017 2015-10-05_0018 2015-10-05_0020 2015-08-24_00022015-10-05_0021 2015-10-05_0022 2015-10-05_0023 bridal party portraits Anaheim Marriott 2015-10-05_0025 groomsmen show off their colorful socks at the Anaheim Marriott 2015-10-05_0027 2015-11-19_0024
2015-08-22_00012015-10-05_0029 2015-10-05_0030 2015-10-05_0031 lace back wedding gown 2015-10-05_0033 2015-10-05_0034 2015-10-05_0035 2015-10-05_0036

Aaron and Veronica opted for an intimate backyard wedding. It was the perfect ending to their beautiful day. I loved the rustic yet elegant look of their burlap and mason jar centerpieces! The adorable succulent guest favors were the perfect finishing touch to their decor!intimate backyard wedding in Buena Park, CA Intimate backyard wedding Buena Park, CA Intimate backyard wedding Buena Park, CA Intimate backyard wedding | Buena Park, CA Bride and groom dance at their intimate backyard wedding reception, Buena Park, CA Intimate backyard wedding in Buena Park, CA 2015-10-05_0043 intimate backyard wedding Buena Park, CA wedding bands


Vendors from this wedding:

Bouquets and Boutineers Created by: Indigo and Plum

Photography by: Belinda Philleo 

Bridal party Makeup by: Foxy Faces by Jen

Groom’s Tie: Pacific Tie Company


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  1. Hi can you tell me where the groomsmen got those socks

    1. Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by! The couple didn’t specify where the groomsmen socks came from, however I think they might be these ones: NWOT Mens Striped Socks https://poshmark.com/listing/NWOT-Mens-Funky-Pink-Blue-Striped-Socks-5b5c87e9819e90c6b8815a97?utm_campaign=referral_code%3DJANGADD&utm_content=feature%3Dsh_l%26rfuid%3D581cae76d2a43da24b0c1fe6%26post_roll%3Dstitched_v1%26ext_trk%3Dbranch&utm_source=pi_sh_pub

      I’m not sure where they are sold but I hope this helps! 🙂

      If you can’t find those specifically you might find something else you like on Ties.com, they have a lot of great stuff! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    These photos are beautiful! Do you know where the grooms suit is from? It has been so hard for us to find the perfect navy.



    1. Hi Carly! It looks like it came from Macys, but I can’t tell what brand it is!

  3. Hello,
    Lovely photos! Do you happen to know what brand the groom is wearing for his tie? I’m trying to find that texture and shade of pink.

  4. Lovely images, you captured their happiness perfectly!


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