portrait photography session newport beach californiaI’ve known Kamrin since we were both in grade school so it was really exciting for us to get together again for her Newport Beach portrait photography session.  I had a chance to work with her back in 2010 for her senior portraits, but personally this session was wayyy more fun!

I wanna start this post with one of my favorite photos from the day. The light that afternoon was AH-mazing! Plus, Kamrin looks just fabulous in this shot! So awesome to see lifelong friends grow up!

portrait photography newport beach

The sunset that day was particularly pretty and I thought it might be fun to try out a few silhouetted shots. I don’t use this technique very often because it tends to fall out of my style, but I love what we ended up with! Maybe I’ll have to do it more often. =)

Portrait photography Newport Beach Californiaportrait photography newport beach california


I have this bad habit of making cheesy jokes during my sessions. There’s a reason I’m a photographer and not a comedian. At least Kamrin thinks I’m funny!

portrait photography newport beach californiaportrait photography newport beach californiaKamrin wanted to take a few shots that showed off her bubbly personality and she decided that a jumping shot was definitely the way to go…
portrait photography newport beach california For my natural light sessions I always bring a reflector/diffuser kit with me to help me light my subjects the way I need to. This inevitably leads to questions and comments about the kit. “What’s that? How does it work?” etc. Kamrin tried her hand at folding up the reflector, and like a pro, got it on the first try! Impressive!
portrait photography newport beach california

Swoon! This is my favorite shot of the day! I think Kamrin looks just stunning! Portrait Photography Newport Beach California




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