So two weeks ago I decided to take a week off from posting. Of course that came back to bite me as  last week my site (along with apparently many others) was attacked. Stupid Hackers kept us busy all weekend with nonsense. Thankfully it appears we have finally found the source, and have eradicated the issue. Horray!

Since the time I would have spent preparing my latest blog posts was spent cleaning up the site, I don’t have it ready yet! So instead I decided to share a few fun things in the meantime.

While I neglected it for so long, recently Instagram has really become one of my favorite photo sharing apps. I love being able to chronicle little, casual parts of my life quickly and share. It’s also awesome to see the creativity that’s been brought to life among amateur iphone/android photographers, some of ’em even put me to shame!

Here’s a few of my recent Instagram adventures:


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Also a couple of weeks back my mom got a promotion and asked me to take a few head shots for her work website. It was fun spending the day with her! Here’s a favorite from that session:



And last but not least, a fun little story board I put together of an old photo session with my favorite Makeup Artist, Jackie. In case you didn’t notice, she’s a total Disney fanatic.

To me, even though it’s an older shoot, it inspires me and reminds me that I have a really fun, creative career and to treat it likewise. Sometimes the business aspect can be overwhelming and kill the joy. It’s important to remember the whole reason I became a photographer, and make sure that’s the focus. Business is important, but the love of the art, that’s first.



That’s all for now. Check back soon for more from my latest sessions!

Happy Monday!


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