Ok. So It’s time for a confession…

Before this last August, the last time I paid a photographer to photograph my husband and I was our wedding in 2006. Terrible right? 🙁

I have always intended to have our portraits taken, but good intentions alone rarely yield results. And as supportive as he is in my passion for photography, my husband is just like many other husbands out there: Not a big photography person. Initially, convincing my husband to invest in photography was like trying to sell ice to an eskimo. “But why would we want photos of ourselves on the wall? Isn’t that narcissistic? I want to loose weight. I don’t like my ______ in photos. It’s going to cost how much??“… Sound familiar ladies?

Then there was my own fears to get over. While I haven’t had an official session just for me, I have been photographed many times by fellow photographers for various circumstances. Sometimes I love the photos of myself, and other times…not so much. And the funniest thing to me: I had NO IDEA where I wanted our photos taken and not even a tiny clue of what to wear. Scheduling this session gave me a true understanding and appreciation for the stress each of my clients deal with leading up to their session.

Lastly, I was faced with the question of Who? I know A LOT of photographers, but I also know that photography is such a personal and intimate thing. So many options, who would I choose?

First and foremost, I knew that I would NOT be choosing on price, but rather on image quality and personality. While there are many people that I would still LOVE to be photographed by, I finally decided on a professional that I personally knew and trusted- I’m so glad that I did! Alyssa Michelle of Alyssa Michelle Photography second shot for me earlier this summer and after spending the entire day with her, I knew that she was exactly who I was looking for. She did such an amazing job making us look and feel beautiful!

Check out a handful of my favorites from our session with Alyssa Michelle and check back soon to see a sneak peek at what we decided to hang on our walls!












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