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I’ve said it a thousand times and I’m sure I’ll say it again. There’s nothing more exciting for me than photographing two people who’re in love. Engagement sessions are so much fun because we’re capturing that special, crazy, emotional time when it’s all starting to fall together. I love using engagement sessions as a time to get to know my couples, help them get comfortable in front of the camera but also as a time for them to just slow down for a little while and enjoy the excitement of it all.

Last month my assistant Karelyn and I met Aaron and Veronica near some of their favorite hangout spots in Fullerton. We spent the evening exploring the area and stopping along the way to capture the magical little sparks that make their love so special. I can’t wait to photograph their very special day later on this year!

Until then, here’s a few of my favorite moments from their engagement session:
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As the sun set and the city began to darken around us I told Veronica and Aaron that I wanted to experiment with something a little different for the end of the session. They loved the idea and Aaron helped me find the perfect spot for our next shot. It took a few minutes to set up, but once we did we were able to capture what ended up being one of my favorite shots from the entire session! Check it out:Romantic Fullerton Engagement Photos

More from this session:


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  1. Ohhhh Belinda these are adorable! I bet the couple just loved them you got some great photos and cute real laughs!

  2. Beautiful work, Belinda!! They look like such a fun, sweet couple!!

  3. They’re so adorable and stylish, love it! The last image is my favorite!


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