A few months ago I teamed up with Jenna of Jenna Rose Photography to photograph Molly & Brian’s Verandas Beach House wedding in in Malibu, CA. Despite the fact that it was the middle of winter, it turned out to be quite a beautiful day, especially once sunset hit. Here’s a few highlights from the day:

2016-03-30_0006 2016-03-30_0008 2016-03-30_0010After the ceremony we stopped by the beach to photograph the bridal party and catch the gorgeous sunset!2016-03-30_0011 2016-03-30_0012  2016-03-30_0015 2016-03-30_0016  2016-03-30_0018 2016-03-30_0019 2016-03-30_0021 2016-03-30_0022 2016-03-30_0023  2016-03-30_00252016-03-30_0024 2016-03-30_0020The reception followed shortly there after at the Verandas Beach House in Manhattan Beach, CA. I absolutely adored their decor and the color scheme of this reception!2016-03-30_0027 2016-03-30_0029My favorite part of the day was the dances that both our bride and groom shared with their mothers. Talk about getting the warm-fuzzies…2016-03-30_00302016-03-30_0005

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