A few months ago a my friend Candi of Drea Clark Photography got in touch with me because her sister Apryl was about to get married and they needed a photographer to cover the parts of the day that Candi was busy with bridesmaid duties. It was such an honor to be a part of their beautiful wedding day at Laguna Village, Laguna Beach, CA! Check out some of my shots from the day:2014-08-23_0030 2014-08-23_0031 2014-08-23_0032 2014-08-23_0033 2014-08-23_0034 2014-08-23_0035 2014-08-23_0036 2014-08-23_0037 2014-08-23_0038 2014-08-23_0039 2014-08-23_0040 2014-08-23_0041 2014-08-23_0042 Laguna Village Wedding | Laguna Beach, CA 2014-08-23_0044 2014-08-23_0045 2014-08-23_0046 Laguna Village Wedding | Laguna Beach, CA laguna villiage wedding Laguna Village Wedding | Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Village Wedding | Laguna Beach, CA 2014-08-23_0051

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