I’m completely thrilled to share this post with you today.  I recently worked with an incredible hair and makeup artist based out of Los Angeles and she has offered to share her expert advice on how to best prepare your skin for your wedding day!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Jackie of Makeup & Hair by Jackie Romero

I have been a professional Makeup Artist for the past 9 years and Licensed Cosmetologist for the past 7. I started my career by working in the movie industry with celebrities such as Daryl Hannah, Shannen Doherty, Anne Winters, etc. I also worked in the fashion world doing both makeup and hair for different brands (ANGL, Honeybum, and James Jeans to name a few). 

I found true success when I started focusing on my private clients for special/red carpet events and weddings. Working with Brides and event clients has been so rewarding and have made it my main focus! I am a Best of Weddings recipient on The Knot and have won awards such as the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award for the past 4 years in a row. My work has been featured in publications such as Santa Barbara Wedding, Southern California Bride, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and The Knot. 

Here are my tips for how to prepare your skin for your wedding day:

Start a regular skin regimen you can commit to at least 6 months prior

It’s important to always start with the basics: cleanse, moisturize and tone! If you are looking for a line that works well for you I would try looking into either Murad, Neutrogena or Dermalogica. I personally love Neutrogena’s Bright Boost line works great at an affordable price. 

Look into an ultrasonic cleansing device to use when washing your face.  There are some amazing ones on the market such as the Clarisonic Mia or the Foreo Mini. I personally use the Foreo Mini and I have seen such a drastic difference in my skin, I have recommended it to so many clients who have also had amazing results.  This uses small vibrations to get ALL the makeup and dirt out of your pores. 

Look into a serum that’s specific to the skin issues you are looking to combat. For example, if you have a lot of acne scars you can get a skin lightening serum that will help brighten and fade the scarring. If you have dark circles make sure to look into a great eye cream that you can sleep in. Your body does most of its repairing at night which is why it’s important to do most of your skin care in the evening. If you tend to have very dry skin anything hydrating will work wonders. 

See a Dermatologist to get major issues under control

If you deal with any kind of eczema, psoriasis, or hormonal acne it’s always best to see a professional. They can prescribe you something strong enough to knock out those problems and usually, the visit and prescription are mostly covered by insurance. This is always worth it because you will avoid making it worse by trying something you are unsure of and having to start all over. 

Drink plenty of water!

Once you have a skin regime in place and have consulted a dermatologist for any bigger problems, it’s time to hydrate! You can also add in some cucumber and lemon to create a detox water. This will help eliminate any toxins you have in your body which will in turn help clear up your skin.  There are plenty of guidelines out there with how much you should actually be drinking but my general rule is this: drink when you are thirsty, replace soda and artifi

cial juices with water as often as you can, and when you work out or are doing more physical activity than usual drink more to compensate. Try and limit your alcohol intake to special occasions only as it tends to dehydrate you and can take a toll on your skin. 

Introduce vitamins

If you aren’t already, it’s important to start taking a great multivitamin. I also recommend starting a hair, skin, and nails vitamin to help with hair growth and shine before the wedding. I love Nature’s Bounty brand, Hair Skin & Nails Vitamins. 

Try and Relax as much as you can 🙂

This is probably the most important step to prepare your skin for the big day! Stress can really take a toll on your body and I can’t tell you how many times I hear from brides that they broke out before the wedding when they normally never do. This is from unnecessary STRESS! I know planning can be overwhelming and wanting to make everything perfect but the best thing you can do is hire a great coordinator, ask for help when you need it and trust that it will be the most magical day of your life. Meditating is a great way to de-stress at the beginning of the day and right before you go to bed. I recommend the calm app or insight timer. 

Thank you so much Jackie for sharing these great skin care tips with us!

If you’re getting married soon and would like to work with Jackie, please visit her website: jackiemakeup.com and Instagram @jackiemakeup11 to see her portfolio and inquire!

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