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I was never very good at sports. PE was complete and utter torture for me. Last kid picked on teams? No, not me, I was always second to last because at least I wasn’t drooling on myself.  My own mother referred to me as “athletically challenged.” When it comes to sports, I stick to my strengths, hellloooo channel surfing!

Last week I met up with Chris, who is the opposite of athletically challenged. He does baseball, soccer, you name it. We went to a local ball field to get some portraits of him looking like a rock star in his baseball uniform.

Cerritos Kids Photographer

Cerritos Kids Photographer

Future MLB star right here folks! He looks soo cool here in his Sports Illustrated cover pose:

Cerritos Kids Photographer, children's portraits

Cerritos Kids Photographer, children's portraits


orange county portrait photography


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