Last month I met with Jackie for her Old Towne Orange Portrait Session. We chose this location because of it’s urban, yet vintage environment. It was the perfect setting for Jackie’s portrait session.

Every couple of years or so Jackie comes to me to have her portraits updated for her personal and professional (She’s an incredible makeup artist) sites. This year she wanted to show off more of her feminine side, while still incorporating some of her nerdy passions.

She arrived in an adorable summer dress that was reminiscent of  Marylin Monroe’s iconic Seven Year Itch look along with her vintage style shoes. She looked absolutely stunning!

This first photo is one of my top favorites from the day. One of the things I love about it are the circumstances surrounding what you see. Just out of frame this gorgeous setting that Jackie is standing in is actually a run down parking lot with a hideous fence and who knows what piled up behind it. At first glance, the scene wouldn’t seem like a great place for a photo, but I loved the morning glories growing along the fence and decided to make it work for us. Jackie helped take the image one step further by nailing the pose! Great job Gorgeous! =)

old towne orange portrait session


One of the props she brought along was her Indiana Jones fedora. It fit in perfectly with our vintage setting.

old towne orange portrait session  old towne orange portrait session

old towne orange portrait session

old towne orange portrait session

After we worked our way through the immediate Old Towne Orange area, we stopped by a local park to switch things up a bit. That’s when Jackie brought out her serious model moves. Rawr!

old towne orange portrait session    old towne orange portrait session

old towne orange portrait session

Towards the end of our session she brought out one more set of props: COMICS! Jackie loves her comic books so she decided to make them a part of her session. She even had her nails painted to match one of her favorites, Harley Quinn.


old towne orange portrait session

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