The last month has been a total whirlwind. There was no better way to kick of the 2015 wedding season than Kimi & Andrew’s Crystal Marquis Ballroom Wedding last month! Filled with romance, laughter and LOTS of purple, Kimi and Andrew’s big day was absolutely magical.

When I arrived in the morning for bridal prep, Kimi greeted me at the door, calm as ever, with a huge smile on her face. I was so happy to see her so glowing and ready for the big day! I photographed her details while the bridal party buzzed around with excitement. Meanwhile my second shooter Marisa was over at Andrew’s family home capturing similar moments while he prepared for the day.


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Then it was time for the first big moment of the day; We drove to The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Center for the First Look with Andrew. I always love the groom’s reaction when he see’s his bride for the first time, but I must say, Andrew’s reaction has got to be one of my favorites ever! He was blown away at the site of his gorgeous bride to be. We spent the afternoon photographing Kimi and Andrew, their closest friends and families until it was time to head to the ceremony to make it official!2015-03-31_0023 2015-03-31_0024 2015-03-31_0025 2015-03-31_0026 2015-03-31_0027 2015-03-31_0028 2015-03-31_0029 2015-03-31_0030 2015-03-31_0031 2015-03-31_0032 2015-03-31_0033 2015-03-31_0034 2015-03-31_0035The ceremony was a simple, yet elegant and focused on bible principles for a good marriage. 2015-03-31_0036 2015-03-31_0037 2015-03-31_0038 2015-03-31_0039 2015-03-31_0040Lastly, we headed to the Crystal Marquis Ballroom in Whittier, CA to celebrate. Kimi and Andrew had a beautiful first dance and a few emotional dances with their parents before cutting into the cake. We ended the night with an epic group shot of all the reception guests cheering with excitement! Crystal Marquis Ballroom Wedding Reception Crystal Marquis Ballroom Wedding Reception 2015-03-31_0043 crystal marquis ballroom wedding reception in whittier, CA 2015-03-31_0045 2015-03-31_0046 2015-03-31_0047 2015-03-31_0048 Crystal marquis ballroom wedding reception in Whitter, CA 2015-03-31_0050 2015-03-31_0051 2015-03-31_0052 2015-03-31_0053 2015-03-31_0054 2015-03-31_0055 2015-03-31_0056
Vendors for this wedding:

Photography: Belinda Philleo
Venue: Crystal Marquis Ballroom
Cake: Gabby Dorado
Makeup: Lorena Sanchez & Evelin Garciano
Flowers: Veronica Manzanares


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