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Shopping for your gown can be quite an adventure, especially in Southern California where there are endless options for bridal salons in Los Angeles alone! For this post, I've curated a list and quick guide to some of the top-rated Bridal Salons in Los Angeles that are worth checking out!

LUV Bridal Los Angeles

Luv Bridal in Los Angeles features a spacious showroom with a wide variety of gowns so you can explore various styles, silhouettes, and sizes all in one place - they pride themselves on offering something for every bride. Luv Bridal also carries samples in a range of sizes to make the shopping experience easier by being size inclusive. They offer both made-to-order and off-the-rack gowns so that you can find a gown that suits both your style and budget. They also offer customization of designer gowns to suit your desired look and needs.

This bridal salon places a high priority on client experience so you can have a stress-free shopping experience that is focused on you. A highly trained stylist will provide you with one on one service and careful attention to your personal style so that they can assist you in finding the right gown for you. Online reviews all offer high praise of the staff at this location for being welcoming, calming, understand and insightful with their bride's style and needs. While appointments are not required, they are definitely recommended and preferred so that they can give you the best possible experience.

LOHO Bride

LOHO is an acronym for "League of Her Own" - which perfectly embodies the core belief behind this West Hollywood-based bridal salon. They explain their mission well: "To offer an experience for women who don't identify with the mainstream aesthetic, but who seek an organic, comfortable, and easy alternative to dress shopping for their big day."

LOHO carries a selection of carefully curated gowns that are meant to be classy, unique, and out of the ordinary. Customer reviews rave about the highly personal and professional service from the staff!

This salon is by appointment only and up to 2 guests are allowed. During your consultation with a personal stylist, you'll enjoy champagne and try on samples so you can find a gown you love. Sample sizes range from 4-10, and custom gowns can be ordered up to size 20. You can email ahead to arrange for specific sizes to be shown to you during your appointment

Prices range from $1700 to $15000 with most options resting in the 2500-8000 range. Gowns made to order. Custom gowns are available from their LA designers and they occasionally offer trunk shows that may include opportunities for special pricing!

Grace Bridal Couture

If you're looking for a custom couture gown that's made just for you, this is the place to go! This shop also has a great reputation when it comes to customizing heirloom and vintage gowns for a fresh, personalized take on your grandmother's gown!

Rave reviews for Grace Bridal Couture emphasize great expertise and style that exceeded customer expectations!

Custom couture gowns made just for you. During the consultation, the designer will discuss your vision with you. Your gown will be created from start to finish so that it's tailored specifically to you. You'll have a consultation with drawn designs, a custom pattern, and four fittings. The designer starts with a sample gown made of muslin to get the fitting and basic design planned out, then the actual gown is sewn from the fabric you've chosen and the details and any beading is fine-tuned at the end of the process. Custom design means it's also going to fit you perfectly "fit like a glove" is a common statement in client reviews.

They offer the option of "White Glove" service on the wedding day where the designer comes to your location to help you prepare your gown and veil and get ready so that you look absolutely flawless.

Because of the custom nature of these gowns, this salon is by appointment only and pricing varies depending on your design and selections.

Of all the bridal salons in Los Angeles, this one definitely offers one of the most unique experiences!

Lovely Bride

Shop located in Venice

Lovely Bride prides itself on offering a great dress shopping experience and transparency. You can browse their gowns (and the prices) online before you come in for an appointment.

Gown prices range from $2500-6500

Appointments are required and can be made online $50 fee for the initial appointment. Allows you to have a 1.5hr one-on-one appointment with a stylist who can guide you through the process. They recommend browsing the gowns online beforehand so you can get an idea of what to expect and create a wishlist of gowns you like. You can even create a wishlist online via their portal that allows the stylist to find alternative gowns that fit in your style and budget.

They do not do tailoring in-house, but they do offer a recommendation for where to go.

Panache Bridal

Panache Bridal has been serving brides for over 25 years and is well known throughout SoCal as the luxury bridal shopping experience and a top-rated bridal salon in Los Angeles and OC! They have multiple locations in SoCal, including Beverly Hills, Pasadena, & Costa Mesa that carry coveted bridal styles from designers from around the world.

You can easily book an appointment online to have one of their experienced and knowledgeable stylists that can help guide you through the shopping process.

Wanna make the experience extra special? You can book one of their exclusive VIP appointments for a highly personalized and intimate gown shopping experience. Once you’ve found the perfect gown, you can take advantage of the in-house alterations team to conveniently have your gown tailored just for you.

Beverly Hills Location: A favorite bridal shop of local celebrities and industry-leading designers of bridal and evening gowns.

At this location, you can make an appointment for the VIP Experience featuring a large bridal suite with mirrors all around and a private runway to show off your selections to your guests.

Pasadena Location: This was Panache's first boutique location in SoCal. Since it's located in Old Town Pasadena, it's a great option for continuing your shopping excursion or going out to a celebratory dinner after you find your dress. This location is a quaint but upscale gown shopping experience featuring top bridal brands from around the world. Experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide you through the process.

Panache also has an Orange County location, which you can read more about in my post about Bridal Salons in Orange County.

Dreamers and Lovers

Locations in Venice Beach and Torrance

Former manager at Chanel, Yanique Barnes and her team create gorgeous bohemian style gowns that are unique and full of personality - just like the brides who wear them. Dresses are handmade in California and custom made for each customer. You can chose between an in salon or at home try on, which I think is a great option for personalizing your shopping experience! They'll pair you with one of their master seamstresses to ensure you have a perfect fit - they even guarantee it!

Sample sizes range from 2-18. Prices typically range from $1500-3000

Before you make an appointment, it's a good idea to browse their website so you can get an idea of what kind of samples you'd like to try out. Appointments can be made online and are private for you and up to 4 guests so you get the full attention of your stylist.

Grace Loves Lace

Located in Venice

Coastal vibes and a luxurious experience in your own bridal suite.

Hand crafted gowns are made with premium materials that were ethically and sustainably sourced and made in Australia. Gowns vary from Modern, classic, bohemian, and luxe in style. All gowns are handmade in house and not produced in masse to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.Both ready to wear and made to order gowns are available.

One unique feature I noticed about Grace Love Lace is their option to access 24/7Online stylist support. How cool is that?!

Appointments can be made online, they are free, and you can bring up to five guests with you.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the best Los Angeles Bridal Salons! Did you find one or two that were a good fit for you? I’d love to know what you picked -Leave a comment below! If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out our other Wedding Tips & Tricks articles!

Did I miss a great bridal salon on this list? Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments too!

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