If you know me, you know I LOVE spoiling my clients! Over the last two years I’ve spent much time planning and adjusting little things here and there to try to make sure my portrait sessions are a fun and pampering experience every step of the way (ie: yummy desserts to enjoy during session premiere night!). As a result, mini sessions are something that have kind of fallen by the wayside. I know that it’s very popular for many photographers to offer these shorter sessions with quick and simple options, but it’s been something that’s been on the back burner for me for a few reasons. The biggest in particular being this: How can I ensure that clients who opt for a mini session get the true Photography by Belinda Philleo experience? As a result I’ve been doing some trial runs in order to see if mini sessions are something that can be introduced into my photography services. The good news is, I’m definitely loving what’s happening with those so far!

The most recent Mini session “trial” run was with Mindy and Ryan. I had put out an exclusive deal to my Facebook friends. Mindy, was an old school friend of mine WAY back in Jr high! I was so excited when she called to join in on the fun! We met at a local park and got some beautiful images of her and her boyfriend Ryan! Here’s my favorites from the session!

2014-10-16_0001 2014-10-16_0002 2014-10-16_0003 2014-10-16_0004 2014-10-16_0005 2014-10-16_0006  2014-10-16_0008  2014-10-16_00102014-10-16_00072014-10-16_0009

I would love to hear your thoughts! Would you like to see mini sessions available on a semi regular basis? Leave a comment below to share your ideas!

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