High school. It’s that time when you’re starting to figure out who you are and where you want to go in life. A rite of passage.

Photographing teens/high schoolers has unexpectedly become one of my favorite parts of this career. Especially for the ones I photographed when they were little. To me, it’s an honor to document them as they grow into their personalities. And my absolute favorite part is that magic moment during the session where their confidence peaks and they really shine in front of the camera.

For Chris, I think this entire session was that magic moment. With each session I always want to include things that are important to the person I’m photographing. Chris has a passion for baseball, so that was something we absolutely had to incorporate. But then we decided to put a spin on it by tying in the dressy, classy outfit. A few more years and he’ll be ready for the cover of GQ, no?

During his slideshow premiere night Chris’ face lit up and he goes “OH MY GOD I look so grown up!”

Mission Accomplished!

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