Hidden Gems & Digital Dust

I was sitting at my computer scouring my hard drives for some photos to add to my website.

I went back – allll the way back. Seriously, there’s not a folder I didn’t flip through. About halfway through my search I came across an album of images that I had all but forgotten about. And then there it was. A photo that meant so much, that said so much, sitting in this folder collecting “dust”.

Photo credit: Kalani Sanders

I took a quick break from what I was working on and shared it with my friends and family on my personal Facebook page. Later, my dad re-shared the photo saying it was one of his favorites ever of my brother and I. It’s one of my favorites too.

While this photo was completely irrelevant to what I needed for my website, it reminded me of something really important. So often we snap pictures, casual or otherwise, and then stash them away and FORGET that they were ever taken.

I realize that digital is becoming increasingly popular, but don’t underestimate the value of printing and displaying the photos of you and your loved ones that are special. I would much rather have had this displayed somewhere, than just collecting digital dust on my hard drive. And I’m certain my dad feels the same.

I encourage all of you to stop & take a little time to go through your old photos. See what gems you’ve been keeping from yourself and then print them out; Display them somewhere where you can actually enjoy them! Afterall, that’s what photos are meant for.


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