Jasmine was having such a weird day. She was in LA doing some volunteer work with friends and they were trying to decide where to stop for a quick break. She sat in the car looking at her phone wondering why her boyfriend, Gustavo, had been acting so strange; she worried a that something might be wrong. Then someone in the car suggested Griffith Observatory as a place to stop. Jasmine looked up wondering what kind of crazy person would suggest that of all places to stop for a bathroom break when there were plenty of other nearby places to stop. Too frustrated to argue, Jasmine decided to just go with the flow.

Soon after, Jasmine found herself in the cafe area of the Observatory; waiting. As she looked around, Jasmine suddenly saw Gustavo there before her. What on earth is he doing here? Flustered, confused and a bit nervous, Jasmine started to tell Gustavo that “this just isn’t the right time or place…” Then suddenly, Gustavo dropped down to one knee and asked her to be his wife.

Relief and happiness washed over her as she smiled and simply said, “Yes.”

In memory of that very special moment, Jasmine and Gustavo asked me to photograph their engagement photos at Griffith Observatory. Here’s a few favorites from the day:
2015-04-06_0003 2015-04-06_0004 2015-04-06_0005 2015-04-06_0006 2015-04-06_0007 2015-04-06_0008 2015-04-06_0009 2015-04-06_0010 2015-04-06_0011 2015-04-06_0012 2015-04-06_0013 Los Angeles Engagement Photos at Griffith Observatory 2015-04-06_0015Walt Disney Hall Engagement Photos Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement_02 Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement_01

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