Choosing the right location for your engagement session may have your head spinning at first. Maybe you and your fiance have different ideas of how it should look. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with Pinterest “inspiration” and trends. Here are four tips for how to choose a location for your engagement session:

How to Choose a Location for Your Engagement Session | Engagement photos in Downtown Santa Ana, CA Talk to your photographer

The first thing you should do when it’s time to decide on a location for your engagement session is to talk to your photographer. If you’re working with a professional (which I highly recommend), they’ll have insider info on location permits, which locations might be off limits and which locations are going to suit your personal needs/wants. They will likely even have some locations up their sleeve that you didn’t know existed.

How to Choose a Location for Your Engagement Session | Engagement photos at Walt Disney Concert Hall, DTLAConsider your style

Do you and your fiance hang at the beach often? Do you even like the beach? If you answered yes to these questions, by all means, you can schedule your engagement session on the beach. If you answered no, then don’t schedule your engagement session for the beach. This might seem like a no-brainer, but I have talked to so many couples who mention the beach as a possible location out of default. They’ve seen someone else’s engagement photos on the beach, so they feel like that’s where they’re supposed to go. Get creative with your location ideas and choose something that’s special to you! Some ideas: Your first date spot, favorite thing to do together, proposal location, your new home…

Ask yourself what kind of mood do you want your photos to have. Bright, colorful, and playful? Soft, romantic, and dreamy? Moody, sexy, and mysterious? Look for locations that have the ambiance you want your photos to reflect and see what’s available for your desired shoot date.

How to Choose a Location for Your Engagement Session | Engagement photos in Laguna Beach, CA Think about the final product

How do you want to preserve and display your engagement photos? Wall art? Save-the-dates? A memory album for later? It might be hard to mentally commit to something ahead of time, but this is definitely something you want to consider and talk about with your fiance. If you want something beautiful to hang on the wall, then make sure your outfits, location and overall vibe send the message you want (e.g. a pajama session with board games might not be ideal for a big canvas hanging in the foyer). If you’re thinking of hanging the photos in your home, also consider the colors and mood of the location/outfits. If you’re planning to make save-the-date cards, be sure that your photographer knows so that they can take photos that have enough “blank” space where text can be overlaid, etc. Your photographer is also a great resource to actually design your cards for you so you have one less thing to worry about 😉

How to Choose a Location for Your Engagement Session Research & Ask for permission

If you’re choosing a particular location for your engagement session do a little bit of research to make sure they don’t have any other events going on that day. Some locations require a permit, so check for any fees or restrictions. If your first date was at your favorite coffee shop, call them up and ASK if you can shoot there, don’t just show up. They may require a fee, or certain documentation from your photographer in order to grant permission. If you decide on a special location (maybe it’s a favorite restaurant) be sure that you get the proper permissions in advance. Getting kicked out or ticketed is NOT something you want to deal with during your engagement session.

If you put these tips to use, you’ll be setting yourself up for a great engagement session! Did you find any of these tips useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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