Karinna Briseno: Orange County Fashion Blogger

I had the great privilege of working with an up and coming Orange County Fashion blogger. We had an amazing afternoon creating signature images for her new website. The location she chose was just stunning!

As a special treat to all you readers out there, I asked if she’d be willing to write a little something to introduce herself!

I’m pleased to introduce:

Karinna Briseno | Fashion Blogger

Orange County Fashion Photography

Hi, everyone! Karinna here. I’m so thrilled to be writing as a guest post for Belinda today! I was honestly a little surprised when she asked me to write for this post, mostly because I’m such a big admirer of her work. It was such a GREAT experience to get the chance to work with such a talented photographer.

But first off, a few things to know about me. My name is Karinna & I’m an up and coming fashion blogger. I’m a lover of puppies, cake pops, and anything with sequins. I like to spend my free time at the beach. By day, I work in the fashion industry. By night, I’m kind of a SuperHero (ssshhh) Oh, and I’m also shopaholic.

Orange County Fashion Photography
So what exactly am I here to talk about with you today? One word: Accessories. That’s right, the most underrated component in your wardrobe. There were days I spent longingly looking at my wardrobe, thinking “I have nothing to wear!” So off, I went on an adventure to the mall only to dish out my credit card and spend precious money on things I didn’t need.

Orange County Fashion Photography
Oh sweet naïve Karinna, if only you spent less time focusing on what you DIDN’T have and instead focused on what you DID have. I soon learned that the mountain of accessories I had stashed in the corner of my room, was the key that unlocked everything. I soon realized that I could create an endless array of outfits in my wardrobe by utilizing my accessories.

Orange County Fashion Photography
It took me YEARS to have that epiphany. And I figured instead of keeping my knowledge to myself, I might share it with YOU instead. Which is the underlying reason I decided to get into blogging. Because, I think it’s essentially important for every girl to know how to utilize her accessories to expand her wardrobe on a budget. And it’s my personal goal to show girls, just how easily this can be accomplished.

For awesome styling tips you can check out my website come September at: www.elegantlykarinna.com!




Orange County Fashion Photography

royal blue suede wedges


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