The Custom Photography Experience by Belinda Philleo

Why A Custom Photography Experience?

In short. It’s a whole new way to enjoy yourself while capturing REAL moments between you and your loved ones.

Let’s take a short trip back to my photography experiences as a kid: My mom would dress us up in matching (no seriously, MATCHING) outfits and march us down to Sears portrait studio for an afternoon of sheer torture. Hate doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt about this experience. The stupid matching shirts, the awkward and stiff poses, mom yelling, the annoyingly fake ” happy” teenage girl working the camera “say cheese.” Barf.

All of that for a bland, cookie cutter image on an 8×10 and a few wallets that got lost or thrown away by the next time.

Experiences like this are what drive me to constantly look for ways to improve the photography experience for the people I photograph. How can I make it more FUN? How can I make it about YOU PERSONALLY! What would I WANT if it were my session?

Enter the Custom Photography Experience

I’ve put together a system for my photography clients that makes everyone happy!

Step One: The Consult

First, I wanna talk to you about what YOU want from this session. And I’m not just asking about the 8×10, I know you want that, but what else? What is it about your family, your child, your marriage or even just yourself that you want to capture in your photos? What is it that makes your family the best? Let’s sit down together and talk about it.

We’ll also chat about wardrobe so that your poor teenage daughter doesn’t get stuck wearing a plain bright orange T-shirt like I did. We’ll find a way to get everyone looking sharp within your color scheme or theme in a way that also features their individuality!

We’ll discuss locations, time, props and absolutely anything else that you might have a question about! And yes, we’ll even talk about the 8×10 you want.  The consult is the foundation upon which your custom photography experience is built, so feel free to ask any question you need to.

Step Two: The Session

The bread and butter of the whole experience is the session. My assistant and I will  meet you at the location you’ve chosen and photograph you in the best light! This is not a rushed experience. We can take our time and I’ll guide you through how to sit, stand and move in order to get the most flattering photos. If you need a sec to relax because you’re nervous, say so! The best photos result when you’re relaxed and having fun!

Something that is so important to me is creating real moments, real smiles and real laughter. Nothing compares to that real interaction, and that’s what you want captured isn’t it? Because this is something I work hard to achieve, you’re also getting something extra from this photography session. You’re getting a life experience with your loved ones. When you look back at these photos you’ll remember how much FUN you had playing together that afternoon, how hard you were laughing; That’s part of what makes this a custom photography experience, rather than just a photo shoot.


Step Three: Sneak Peeks

After the session is over I need to take some time to pick out the best of the best images and do some minor touch ups before they’re ready for you. I know this can be an agonizing wait because you’re just sooo excited to see what we got. So, in the meantime I share up to 5 of my favorite images 0n my blog and on Facebook within a few days so that you can start enjoying your photos as soon as possible.

Once a sneak peek hits Facebook, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think! I love getting your feedback, afterall, these are meant for your enjoyment. You can share with your friends and even use them as your profile pictures, as long as you leave my watermark visible!


Step Four: The Session Premiere

This is one of the most exciting parts of the entire experience. The Premiere is the debut of your photos featured in a custom slideshow on the big screen. The best part? Well, aside from the tasty treat from my dessert menu- is that I come to YOU for premiere night. That’s right! We do premiere night in the comfort of your own home so that you can enjoy you photos in your jammies if you feel like it!

First we’ll cut the cake and watch your photos on the big screen for the first time. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Then, we’ll go through and pick out your favorite images! Once we’ve picked favorites, you’ll be able to plan out exactly what you want to do with them. Whether you’re a wall art fanatic or you want a keepsake album for your coffee table, I can help you make a solid plan for how to get the most out of your images. AND since we’re already in your home, we can even measure the spot on the wall you want to hang the image so you can see a sample of what the size you’re ordering will look like! No more guessing about what size will look good!

You’re not gonna believe this, but I still haven’t explained one of the best parts! On premiere night, you’re getting a special one day sale on your order. The collections/print menu for premiere night features discounted pricing of 20% off Al a Carte items and certain collections give even bigger deals!

Once you’ve decided what you want to do with your images we’ll put together your order form so that you can get your items as soon as possible. I even offer payment plans for families that want to invest in art for their whole home.


Step Five: Delivery

As soon as your order is placed and paid I send the images into my professional photo lab to get them printed. When the order comes back to me it’s inspected for perfection and packaged up for you.

When it’s ready to go I’ll call you to set up a delivery time that’s convenient for you. If you need help hanging your wall art, I can totally help you do that too!



So there it is. The Custom Photography Experience. Are you ready to book yours?




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