5 Simple Rules For What To Wear To Your Photo Shoot

 What to Wear

Decisions Decisions…


Being in front of the camera is stressful. Most people don’t like pictures of themselves and they turn into a nervous wreck when it comes to being photographed. To help alleviate some of the stress I’ve made a list of five simple rules about what to wear on your photo shoot.


1. Consider the context:

What is the purpose of your photoshoot? As with anything, a successful photoshoot has a well laid plan.This includes wardrobe! Give some thought to the location of your shoot as well as the mood you’re looking for. Do you want something that says “high fashion & glamor” or something more casual and cute? Knowing this in advance will help you choose an appropriate outfit.


2. Wear what makes you feel good:

No, I’m not saying you should wear pajamas to your photo shoot. What I AM saying is that the more confident you feel about how you look the better your photos will be. For women, wear something you feel beautiful in. If you feel beautiful it will show in your photos. Same rule applies to men, if you feel like a rockstar it’ll be that much easier for the photographer to make you look like one.


This brings up a vital point: If there’s a part of your body that you are not happy with cover it up. Rather than hoping your photographer can photoshop your arms into toothpicks or hide the tattoo that your mom doesn’t know about, save us some time and wear sleeves! 😉

3. Accessories, not distractions:

When done right, accessories can take your out fit from great to down right sharp! Accessories  are great as props to express your sense of style and tell your story. However, keep in mind that the subject of your photo shoot is YOU, not your accessories. Beware of wearing things that compete with your face. Large logos on your clothing, giant necklaces or earrings may prove to be a distraction.


4. Keep it Classy:

Being professionally photographed is a special occasion, treat it like one. Even if your shoot is “casual” don’t show up in dirty jeans and your junky flipflops. Well arranged, clean and ironed clothing is ideal for photoshoots. Few things are as frustrating as having to clean up a wrinkled shirt in photoshop.


5. For Groups – DON’T Match, Color Coordinate Instead:

“It’s family photo day! I know, let’s all wear kaki pants and black polos!” Groan.

Don’t torture your family. Rather than putting everyone in outfits that strip them of their amazing personalities, let everyone express their own style within a color scheme. Guaranteed, everyone will be much happier and your photos will be better expression of who your family really is.



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